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My two main frustrations with reCaptcha:

1. No (or at least piss poor) localisation. It asks me to locate English words, sure, but the images are of things familiar only from American films - sorry, movies. ReCaptcha is how I know (and my only use for knowing) what a 'crosswalk' is.

2. Sometimes it's just wrong. But I have to select the images that it incorrectly thinks is a bridge or whatever anyway, otherwise I'm not allowed to login.

Everyone's one of N top complaints:

- How much of the damn structure counts as a traffic light?!

Yep, they've trained my neuronet that they always show the images in a 3-2-1 or a 3-1-1 sequence, so now even if shows me something weird, I know I need to select the number of most likely things they want me to. This way I almost always finish it on first try.

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