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so much cognitive dissonance here I'm not even sure where to start

I don't understand your problem with people doing something tedious, somewhat interesting, that they might actually enjoy, that others might actually enjoy, and attempting to monetize it. Maybe the sponsorship works to make it worthwhile, maybe it doesn't, who cares?

I think this guy is making content that is easy to praise but in reality not very interesting- and has (hidden?) sponsor ads to boot. I think it’s pretty gross to read something to learn of a strangers life and be told to buy WeWork services as a casual FYI.

But I don’t care what he does. It was just a comment. You’ve made several that imply I care a lot, which makes me seem unreasonable. If that was unintentional, please don’t do that. If that was intentional then go suck a different lemon, because I’m really not that bitter about this.

Its not necessarily you, your post attracted others in this thread that do care more and there isn't a good way to address them all except replying at this level.

I think its completely benign.

I would be a little annoyed if the stranger’s life was a fake feel good story like the ones seen on Linkedin these days, but even then I would just accept the entertainment for what it is: entertainment. Ad supported entertainment.

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