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Saying it "impedes bots" is a little generous; it impedes humans as well. Or rather: it works on a spectrum where bots are at one end (fully obstructed), easily tracked humans at the other (free entry), and humans who disable tracking devices and/or eschew Google services somewhere in the middle (allowed to pass after much hassle).

It definitely impedes Firefox users as opposed to Chrome users.

Yes it's the only reason I can't use Firefox mobile without having to fire up Google chrome from time to time as a lot of sites block ff but not chrome thanks to the stupid Recaptcha

To be fair, having a tracked history does make it easier to prove that you are human.

reCAPTCHA generally only works for me after I do it 3-4 times. Purely because I use a VPN. reCAPTCHA v3, curiously, works just fine when I'm using a VPN (if I allow it to run in the first place).

Recaptchas audio option for the visually impaired (the headphones icon) is relatively very fast compared to clicking store fronts. Recaptcha will sometimes deny me the audio option, for unspecified reasons which I venture to guess could be challenged in us courts under the ADA (disabilities act.)

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