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> but putting the entire concept on blast with erroneous history that can be corrected with about 60 seconds on Wikipedia doesn’t help the article at all.

Nor does an entirely fallacious premise. ReCAPTCAH v3 is entirely transparent and non invasive to users. In fact it’s retroactive to help the site admin figure out what to do with the score:


>ReCAPTCAH v3 is entirely transparent and non invasive to users

Except when you don't opt into google tracking you by blocking third party scripts, in which case your life still gets to be hell.

> non invasive to users

... who are opted into fully and completely to all Google tracking and have previously participated in Google's ecosystem.

Pretty odd definition of "entirely fallacious".

That's what they say, but it rarely works out that way for me. And yes, it's probably because I always block all tracking, and use VPNs and/or Tor.

> non invasive to users.

Except for the invasion of my time and attention, used to train Google's AI to get better at recognizing traffic signals. I took that as the main point of the article.

That's v2.

v3 is "invisible" and is supposed to be deployed to every page on the site, and the site is the one who decides how to punish you for not matching their normal audience.

Not just invisible but unlike "invisible recaptcha" which was kinda between v2 and v3 which does spawn a challenge on its own, but v3 is entirely non interactive and as you said the site/admin decides the punishment.

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