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I don't know why you're talking about online advertising. People use Tor for a wide variety of reasons, many of which are completely unrelated to whatever business model the target website has. In addition, my comment was about CloudFlare (a MITM) putting reCAPTCHA on other people's websites -- I don't see how advertising is even slightly related to that topic.

I would argue a "better" framing designed to emotionally manipulate would be "why are you trying to block people in oppressive regimes from being able to read about the outside world and organise themselves, putting them in danger of being murdered by their government"? But it would be dishonest to make the discussion about "why do you want to kill people", just as it is dishonest to make the discussion about website business models.

CloudFlare isn't just going around randomly putting their caching/filtering in front of websites they're choosing to have it there though. The sites are choosing it.

Advertising is related here because recaptcha's use of tracking, primarily used for advertising, as a factor in determining their score for users and also because blocking ads/tracking is part of the cause behind people's issues with recaptcha.

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