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It depends on what your plans are for the money.

If this is long-term savings, I would invest it all into a balanced portfolio as soon as you can and forget about it - there are many portfolio examples out there that only use a few 'total market'-style ETFs, as an example. I too have sat on cash at times during the last couple decades and it has cost me a lot of returns. Trying to time these things is basically like gambling and it will drive you crazy.

If you plan to use the cash in the short-term or it's emergency savings, I would personally keep it in cash to protect the principal. High yield savings accounts or short-term treasuries will at least provide some inflation protection.

While I agree with this, timing can be really important. Large ETF's sell blindly when people take money out of the ETF's. So a sell on ETF, means quality and not quality stocks are sold. So don't buy ETF's on the multi year down...

ETFs, the index ones most people use anyway, just track the market and do so very closely. There's no market timing effect from buying or selling the ETFs.

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