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I'm Not Returning to Google After Maternity Leave, and Here Is Why [pdf] (documentcloud.org)
53 points by elliekelly 71 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Sounds like Google is going to get sued over this incident, and given HR's lack of interest in fixing it, it seems that this kind of behavior is implicitly tolerated by corporate policy. But if I were going to sue my employer, I wouldn't post all my evidence in a public forum; I'd save it for the legal proceedings.

Unless the original author doesn't want to endure going to court over this for a settlement check but still wants to try to invoke change by telling the world (or at least all Google employees) her story.

The point is, getting punitive damages from Google and shaming Google from how you were treated are very different endpoints.

"My director/manager started making inappropriate comments about a member of my team, including that the Googler was likely pregnant again and was overly emotional and hard to work with when pregnant."

So she reported her female manager to HR for gossiping, which the manager can easily deny since words are different than actions. HR exists to protect the company. It's best to only go to HR when there is illegal conduct.

"HR is not like a playground teacher whose job it is to solve all problems and stop bullies from acting." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/when-your-hr-department-is-your...

> So she reported her female manager to HR for gossiping

Not for gossiping, for creating a hostile work environment through repeated discriminatory comments. And the manager's gender is irrelevant since women are just as capable of sexism and discrimination as men.

You’ve managed to misrepresent both the original post and the article you linked, which isn’t nearly so black-and-white and provides fairly rounded and good advice.

The original post says she understood her manager to be pushing her to remove the alleged pregnant employee from the team, because she believed she was pregnant. Rather than do something illegal herself she reached out to HR for help with the situation.

Of course your attitude will change if you find out your colleague is a dibber dobber.

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