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Another technology that needs to be regulated and banned in many cases. Paying bills and handling finances online should be accessible to everyone. This prevents it from being so. It may already be a violation of the ADA. After all, how is a blind person supposed to pass? Impossible. For other websites, well they can do whatever. The internet is mostly a cesspool and anything that can't be visited with JavaScript turned off is not worth visiting. That includes "clever" spa blogs that could just be static sites and all types of other garbage. Maybe one in a thousand or one in a million sites other than finance, shopping, etc might be an exception to that but no website with recaptcha is. I wonder if we can sue Google for ada violations. I'm sure there are plenty of disabled people on the internet for q class action.

> After all, how is a blind person supposed to pass?

There's an audio captcha option.

I have a friend who is both blind and deaf: audio is also out. It is possible to use a braille terminal to access the web, so while I don't know if he uses the internet, it is possible.

Okay, he isn't really a friend, I only met him once. We have a friend in common who speaks sign language and was able to translate. Seeing him read sign language with his hand was interesting.

I haven't seen that option in the picture captchas, probably because it can now easily be defeated. So the question still stands.

So bots can request billing and finance services and take it down ?

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