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"The best example of the danger of focusing on a single measure came when I first started my own consulting practice in California. My second client was in the fast food business and had a chain of fried chicken restaurants that was growing in both the U.S. and internationally. .... Roy went on: “The one metric that is really important to management is Chicken Efficiency. At the end of every day, I have to calculate my Chicken Efficiency score...this is the measure that all the managers talk about all the time.”

Looking at Roy’s chart it looked like he was achieving 99-100% Chicken Efficiency every day that month that must be good. However, I still didn’t know what the measure entailed. Roy explained: “Chicken Efficiency is basically a scrap measure. You take how much chicken you cook and divided it the number of pieces of chicken sold. If you sell all the chicken you get 100% chicken efficiency, which is the goal – no waste or scrap.“

When I asked Roy how he achieved near perfect Chicken Efficiency every day he answered: “I’m gonna let you in on a secret, but don’t put my name in the report saying you heard this from me. My secret is I stop cooking chicken around 7:30 and only cook to order after that. That way none of the chicken sits under the lights for too long, everyone gets hot and fresh chicken, and I don’t throw any of it away – 100% chicken efficiency.“

I asked, don’t you get people coming in here all evening until the restaurant closes? Roy replied: “Oh yeah we get tons of kids coming in here after baseball or soccer practices or games, families, and lots of people. I tell them I’m going to make their chicken to order and it will take 15-20 minutes.”

I asked, do most of them wait? Roy answered: “Heck no, they file right out the door and head off someplace else, but management doesn’t measure that. They do want to make sure I don’t throw any chicken away every day, however. My buddie Leon taught me this trick – he got promoted to run three restaurants by not cooking any chicken“. I went on to visit other restaurants and every one of them talked about the importance of Chicken Efficiency.

Source: https://corporater.com/en/the-chicken-kpi-be-careful-of-what...

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