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You will find the Google ecosystem is more joined up than you realise. If you use the DNS it will make the search engine results more personal, if you block everything to do with google at the firewall level, you will find recaptures don't actually work, you can spend an hour before it comes up with a web page where you have reached the end of all the recaptures you could possibly do. If you use Firefox, and write addons, you will find the addons don't work, their website api's, analytics, absolutely everything to do with Google is joined up so the internet is one giant Google Panaopticon. Don't believe me, try it for yourself, lock everything down at the firewall and see for yourself.

> If you use the DNS it will make the search engine results more personal

Google claim not to use DNS in this way:

> Is any of the information collected stored with my Google account?

> No.

> Does Google correlate or combine information from temporary or permanent logs with any personal information that I have provided Google for other services?

> No.


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