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My thoughts exactly. A bot doesn't care if it takes 2 seconds to fade the images out and in for another challenge round, but a human viewing it perceives it as a frustrating delay.

I've become accustomed to just closing any page that presents me with a v2 reCAPTCHA.

Unfortunately one of those pages was the Equifax settlement. And other similar “important” sites. I never seem to come across them when it’s a service I could easily quit or avoid.

This might not be so sinister. It so happens that "important" operations, like a class action lawsuit settlement, are also the type of thing you'd particularly want to protect from bots.

Why would anyone protect an "unimportant" site with a captcha? The value of the information, to someone, in bulk, is exactly why some throttling is needed.

Good CAPTCHAs are solved by farming them out to low-paid workers, not bots.

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