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Firefox user, rolling with uBlock and blocking all Google cookies.

Picture captcha every time.

Try setting privacy.resistFingerprinting for the extra challenge.

I've found that breaks things in subtle ways. I have a Plex server connected to my terrestrial antenna to watch TV and the TV guide was showing everything an hour out and I couldn't not for the life of me work out why. Turns out that "privacy.resistFingerprinting" makes your JS timezone UTC, whereas I'm BST.

I'm not sure why they bother, since I'd find it more suspicious if say someone is coming from a Russian IP address but has UTC set and not a Russian timezone...

You absolutely should open an issue about this on FF's issue tracker. Assuming you're not hiding your IP this indeed is actually privacy.helpFingerprinting and should be fixed.

But surely it's by design?

Then it's bad design.

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