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Show HN: Everything asked – organized recaps of 'ask me anything' interviews (everythingasked.com)
74 points by jplata 78 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

https://cake.co has been quite good for AMA-style interviews lately (which they call "Panels"). Victoria Taylor (/u/chooter) who used to do a lot of the big AMAs on Reddit is working there now, and they're doing them in a more moderated way where people have to submit questions instead of just being a frantic free-for-all.

Here's a page listing the recent panels: https://www.cake.co/topics/GQQ9C1V/cake-panel

First page is confusing, looks like a twitter clone or something?

The second like is easier to understand, although I am not interested in reading a plain interview with self promotional Qs and As. They feel very unauthentic compared to AMAs (although IAMA definitely had a point where it because too self promotional to bear as well).

This is a much better way of reading AMAs than through Reddit, where the noise is overwhelming. Good job!

As the guy who started AMA, this looks really cool, good job!

You started the concept of AMAs? I'd love to know that story.

Would be cool if he did an AMA

> I Am Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research & Creator of the Wolfram Language, Mathematica & Wolfram|Alpha

> Looking forward to being here at 8:30 pm ET Monday to talk about my recent essay: "Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure".


Cool project! Does anyone know if there are any IP concerns with republishing content from a public forum like Reddit in this manner?

Newest, Top, Random. Did I miss the "organized" part? Is there a categorized hierarchical index somewhere?

I can see myself actually using this site, which is a very rare reaction to these for me.

Third. Though the content discovery should improve. It's a bit overwhelming at the moment.


Do you have an RSS feed available?

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