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>> Somehow we got to the Moon. But now companies are so bloated that even doing nothing requires 30,000 employees.

The Apollo program had 400,000 people involved at it's peak.

Which is neither here, nor there.

The programmers for the Apollo software (which is what we're discussing), were at their peak, around 350 [1]. And most of those roles were secondary and only needed because of the primitive tooling and utmost reliability requirements that modern software doesn't suffer from...

[1] David G. Hoag, 1976 - http://klabs.org/history/history_docs/mit_docs/1711.pdf

Apollo software is pretty simple, relatively speaking. It was a hard, but small problem compared to what we expect from modern tech like a car or airplane. Modern software is far more reliable than Apollo. The difference is that 99.9% correct-uptime is terrible for modern vehicle software, but was great for Apollo.


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