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They've also removed sex worker websites (including a forum that was just sex workers talking to each other), but for some reason no one complains about it.

I believe you'll find that this was driven by SESTA/FOSTA, rather than being a discretionary choice by Cloudflare, and if you hang out in the right circles, it gets complained about a lot. (EFF, ACLU, Wikimedia, and many more opposed it.)

I think it's unconstitutional and the worst thing to happen to the internet in many years, as well as one of the worst things to happen to civil liberties (which is a pretty high bar!). Unfortunately, it passed senate 97 votes to 2, which suggests legislative fixes will not be coming soon.

Congress recently added sex work as an exception to CDA 230 protections, and every provider scrambled to nuke everything remotely related.

That’s always the way. Censorship/moderation isn’t given a second thought when it’s just sex-related.

Interesting, never heard about that. Are there are other things too?

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