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> For the "Free Speech is freedom from government prohibition and this is a private company" brigade. I dont want to live in a world where color people is being prohibited to enter a night venue, or gay people cannot order a simple cake, or YES, dude who think their race is more superior being able to blabber their nonsense online as long as it is nothing illegal. After all similar sentiments are expressed (veiled or openly) from many powerful spheres and nobody does nothing.

> Nothing illegal

I think at some point it goes up against the "yelling 'fire' in a crowded movie theater" exemption of free speech.

There are more fundamental fish to fry. 1 Violation of terms of service should categorically be NOT a criminal matter. 2 I strongly believe possession (given we meet safe storage provisions) should never be illegal. ...

I also agree with you that people blabber all the time but when multiple unrelated people take the next step seemingly after reading...

> I think at some point it goes up against the "yelling 'fire' in a crowded movie theater" exemption of free speech.

You know where that phrase came from? It was coined in Schenck v. United States[1], where Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr convicted the defendant for publishing pamphlets opposing the draft in the first world war.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schenck_v._United_States

I'll admit. I didn't know the origin. I don't know whether I'd have supported or opposed this verdict but I can't support the administration's supposed vigorous enforcement.

I think laws are not absolute. We frequently allow prohibited acts because common sense and decency. If you're at a light and it turns yellow, you should stop but not if there's a car close behind you and you're more likely to get in a wreck by stopping rather than speeding up.

I oppose the draft as it exists. It is wrong and immoral to have a draft of only "able-bodied" people of one gender. The draft, if one exists, should be for everyone. No body gets an exemption regardless of their personal belief or body condition. They don't all have to fight. There are plenty of opportunities (I'd imagine) to serve without ever being in a hand to hand combat. Either have a draft of all adults regardless of any other exemptions or don't have one at all.

I'll try to avoid the phrase going forward.

I see your point, but violation of TOS has to be a very clearly defined situation and it is rarely is, at the end it can be ambiguously interpreted to kick anyone if you have the right lawyers, so we are back to step 1.

I suspect GP was referring to Computer Fraud & Abuse Act where 1 ToS violation is a federal crime.

Ah OK, My bad then, thanks!

> I think at some point it goes up against the "yelling 'fire' in a crowded movie theater" exemption of free speech.

I would like to point out (not necessarily to parent) that this was an example of speech that was not protected by 1A in a case where a man was prosecuted by the government for trying to tell young Americans that they don't need to join the draft for WW1.

Also important: yelling fire in a crowded theater is entirely protected speech if you don't believe it to be false.

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