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I honestly wouldn't mind a minimal feature super lightweight long battery life cell phone most of the time. Basically phone calls and SMS.

They never stopped making them, they got better and better in terms of battery and weight. But you are not very likely to find them in a brick n mortar shop (at least not good ones), they only want to sell smart phones because that's where the money is. Shop online and there is plenty of choice... just don't cheap out on the £10-20 phones because they will really piss you off with bad UX, they might do mainly calls and text but you will be surprised how bad they can make that experience.

I've got a £50 dumb nokia phone, it's lighter than any smartphone and last for 1-2 weeks on battery (it's about 5 years old), impossible to break, i never have to think about it or worry about it, it doesn't distract me until someone really needs to communicate with me... I love it, but then I never liked smart phones.

I have a £20 Nokia, the only bit of poor UX that I can think of is that it is slow to navigate through MP3 files on the SDcard.

Call quality is really good.

Are there any that work with Verizon? I'm still using a phone that I got in 2011 because from what I can tell none of the feature phones work on Verizon towers.

Look for their prepaid phone offerings. There's some feature phones in that line up, and it'll work with any plan.

On Amazon, search by carrier, sort by lowest price. Some are low end Android, but some are feature phones. In my experience really low end android phones have such little storage they might as well be feature phones. You could only get 1-2 apps on max if you tried.

Because I was curious (and I am a Verizon customer), I took a look. Verizon Prepaid has exactly one feature phone available now: https://www.zteusa.com/cymbal-lte

Amazon lists at least one more but look at the fine print, if it's a 3G model it can't be activated after the end of 2018.

Can you not just buy a phone separately from your network provider?

In the UK i can just buy any unlocked phone I want online and stick my sim card in it, the networks let you use whatever you want. My current phone is only 3g but this has worked everywhere I have traveled so far, Europe, Asia, Mexico, but not tried US.

Yes, you can buy the phone separately from the provider. The issue is if you want to be able to access all the frequencies the network provider uses. If you get a phone that doesn't cover all the relevant frequencies, you will have degraded service.

I carry the new Nokia 3310 and very happy with it. Took a few weeks to relearn how to type a text but I'm fast enough now. (Though keep messages short)

Then best part about the phone is that I'm not tempted to pull it out of my pocket and check social media or browse the web every minute of the day.

It's also one of the smallest phones on the market, fits in the hand and pocket much better than every other phone.

I also have data completely disabled on it. I haven't changed my phone plan yet because I wasn't sure I would be happy with the phone, but Ive been using it about 3 months now and thinking of downgrading to a $10 a month plan.

I don't even have a mobile phone as I enjoy the freedom from the thought that all this technology has created a 1984 style panopticon. Have I had an emergency when I needed a phone? I haven't had an emergency, Project Fear can take a run and jump. Do I need one to converse with friends? I don't have any friends, the only people who get in touch are those that want something from me. Users.

Is this a joke? Please get some friends. I guarantee there are people out there interesting enough to fit the bill. Also you can have a phone without a plan and still use 911 services.

Apple Watch

1-1.5 day battery life, and still needs to have an iPhone powered on and connected to a network to be able to get phone calls, even the LTE models.

It only requires iPhone 6 which you can get on ebay for $100. Don't see the problem with battery life - just charge it when you go to bed.

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