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This is intended to be humor. Don't take it too literally.


My sons learned that from me. I began doing it during my second pregnancy when even saltine crackers were not plain enough for my level of nausea.

Yes, it's mind bogglingly messy.

The ones in Ukraine circa 2001 were the absolute best for that.

(Or, maybe being a teenager starting high school at the time makes my assessment biased).

Mivina. I was very excited to tell my US friends about The Very Ukrainian product they've all been missing out on (with a very Ukrainian brand name).

Until my grad school friend told me that it literally means Noodles From Vietnam in Vietnamese.

Turns out, Mivina was indeed created in Ukraine — and made its creator the richest person in Vietnam [1][2].

Deservedly so, I say.



So true! I don't even remember if I have ever actually cooked Mivina. And the story behind it is absolutely stunning.

I used to do that at school, but I'd add the flavoring packet. Ahh nostalgia.

Mmmmmm, open one side, dump the flavouring in and then smash it all up in the package and shake it up.

We are pretty close to someone saying they actually tried doing this commercial https://youtu.be/YHQXBAjkmOQ

this is a very popular south korean snack!


Half Korean.

I thought I figured out some amazing snack when I started eating ramen straight out of the pack. My brother and I would mix it with microwave popcorn (two unhealthy snacks cancel each other out, right?)

So it came as a shock when my cousin from Korea came to visit and wasn't impressed with our ramen snacks.

"Doesn't everyone do this?"

Turned out my Half-Korean friends were doing the same thing (we were all Army brats). They were equally surprised to find others doing it.

I've seen characters do this in anime, though it's usually presented as cluelessness.

There are many products like this in a few countries - Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia to name a few. Malaysia's 'Mamee Monster' is particularly good - the spicy one.

Name directly translates to "break it break it". For some reason author didn't bother finding out.

That's a pretty ancient review... With two little kids I don't always have time for research on every variety which I'd like to do. Apologies...

Next pregnancy, try plain matzo.

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