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I fully appreciate the sentiment, I hate when people build stuff people don't need.

But I want to dig a little at this. I think the fact that most people only have access to CNN or Time or Fox News or Cosmopolitan or Maxim or whatever... that there is not an easy way for people to get news aggregated from 100's of their peers and thought leaders in their affinity groups.... I think that IS a problem people have. It may not be a problem they are aware of, but I think the social cost of consolidated media is very high.

I think RSS, and technologies like it (Twitter, Facebook) are an important part of the solution to that problem. RSS is obviously not very user friendly, and I'm not sure if it will have a place at the table 10 years from now.

But the problem it solves (a standard interchange format for syndication) is absolutely real, and it's not going away.

Your comment reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes strip: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_RbiRIw_w4rU/SNkssvl3KeI/AAAAAAAAAC...

Maybe it's too late, but I don't quite see the connection. Regardless, I consider Calvin to be "good company".

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