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You Know You're in a Big Company When... (c2.com)
41 points by segfaultbuserr 77 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

You know you're in Big Company when you suddenly find out there are two whole other teams building exactly the same thing but they didn't know of each other.

And even after they find out about each other their respective managers refuse to let them cooperate.

Didn’t read till the end but I would say: you know you’re in a big company when you get decent salary. Small to medium enterprises pay for the same job only almost half (at least in Germany).

It depends. An acquaintance of mine is switching jobs from a big agency to a dedicated, but very small agency. She will work way below 40 hours a week while earning significantly more as now with 40 hours.

I know. This is n=1. Not data, only anecdata.

IBM offers are notoriously under-market in America for junior to mid level engineers

Funny that it is the other way around in our country. Larger companies play on recognizability, stability and have well ironed-out processes requiring less skilled employees. While in smaller and mid-sized companies the experts (experienced employees) are the main driving force.

Blue collar workers are unionized in big companies. It’s good for everybody’s salary, but sometimes they demand too much. I am curious, what they will demand in coming years when economy is cooling down.

When you find out the big project your leading is competing for resource with a project that is decommissioning the same system.

>Whenever you have a spark of inspiration, your first thought is Is this idea really worth fighting for?

>You decide it isn't.

Ouch, that one hit too close to home.

Another one that happens to me often.

"I work for $company"

"Oh do you know John, he works there too"

Either you don't, or the John you know is another person.

You know you are in a Big Company when there is a procedure to handle when people have the same first and last name.

If you think a big company is convoluted, try the government where the internal tools and services never seem to do what they were meant to do, or even worst, they are almost always down. Another example, support sends you an email to tell you that the email isn’t working. One wonders, how the heck government even does anything.

“The company's web site lists dozens of locations, and yours is not included.”

Happened to me as well! :)

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