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I'm curious about the actual communication here. Does each plane have a satellite uplink or something? If they do, I would expect that they would be configured to use Norways military satellite comms network. I'm not sure how or why that network would be able to contact Lockheed. So are there multiple communications systems? What portion of them are military and what portion, if any, transit the public Internet? Lockheed might own their own communication satellites, I'm not sure, but I really don't think they have carte blanche to use the US military communications networks for their own products. Details might be sensitive or classified so I'll probably just be kept wondering, but the mechanics of the actual physical communication of data aren't clear to me.

A horribly shitty software package called ALIS is required to operate F-35,this software communicates from ground facilities to Lockheed servers.

Having dealt with the output of the part of Lockheed that makes logistical software, I say run for the hills.

Thank you for wondering out loud, your thoughts have been noted

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