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Ethically Aligned Design [pdf] (ieee.org)
22 points by fipar 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Url changed from https://ethicsinaction.ieee.org/ to the actual document.

Effectively implementing and enforcing these initiatives is one of most important issues, if not the single most important issue, of the next few decades.

Personally I've become very pessimistic that anything can be done before a true atrocity occurs.

There's no profit in ethics. Especially when the entities these ethics will govern will be themselves a means of controlling people's own knowledge and understanding of what is being done to them. Information control, targeted misinformation campaigns, misleading PR and lies, these will all be amplified in ways that the average consumer or voter won't stand a chance against. The power differential will expand so quickly that people won't even get the chance to protect themselves.

This is one of several reasons why tech labor needs to organize. For the right to practice their craft ethically.

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