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Show HN: BlobCity DB (github.com)
37 points by sanketsarang 72 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Hey, I am the chief architect & creator of BlobCity DB. Other DB’s such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, ArangoDB all require data to be in a single format (JSON, XML, SQL, CSV etc). We believe this is an unreasonable ask, as not all data can be converted to a single format. Hence we created BlobCity DB that stores 17 formats of data. That covers almost every format of data you are likely to have.

Look forward to your feedback and happy to answer any question. #AskMeAnything

Formats we support: https://docs.blobcity.com/docs/using-blobcity-with-diverse-d...

“Store unlimited data for free and pay only for what you analyse” - unlimited data for free? Not happening. I would really take that off before someone tries to find out limits of your “unlimited” offering.

It is of course virtually unlimited, but this is true. Push in all the data you want. We only charge for the selects.

If you fire

"SELECT SUM(amount) from shop.sales"

and you have 1 billion sales transactions in your table; since the "SUM(amount)" returns a single row, we count it as 1 row selected for billing purposes. And the charge is $10 per million rows selected. Always rounded upwards to the nearest millionth.

Cassandra does not enforce any restrictions on the data format. You could store practically any blob.

The problem is you cannot search through data stored in blob fields. In BlobCity DB, you can push in a PDF and yet search the contents of the PDF with an SQL query.

select * from datastore.PDFs where _txt LIKE 'hello'

A quick 2 min read on what BlobCity DB can do:

* Store JSON & XML data side by side in the same table

* Store your images and perform face detection and run your custom image classifiers on the same

* Schemaless storage with auto indexing on first query

* Clustering with automated sharding

* Integrated AI & ML libraries: TensorFlow, DeepLearning4J, Weka, OpenNLP and more …

* Java & Scala based stored procedures, for extreme high speed data operations

* ACID compliant down to individual records

* Advanced permission control, data encryption & data compression

* The only DB offering full integrated on-disk and in-memory storage

Join us Tuesday 06 Aug 11:00 am EDT for a live product demo webinar


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