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Why would you force people to use nonfree proprietary software in order to contribute to an open project?

That's a good point. I find Zulip better than Slack/Discord for discourse (even better than mailing lists, with some caveats, and it's Apache-licensed:


I knew about Zulip but wasn’t aware of the free hosted plan. I can truly see it now as an alternative for orgs who can’t afford running these things themselves.

I use the free hosted plan and intend to pay for it when I need more features. It's excellent.


Free as in "Google"?

With mailing lists, users can use any mail client regardless of server side.


Guessing the implication being that Google is ultimately not "free" w/ respect to your personal data and how it is used.

Yes but how does Google enter into this?

It doesn't directly, only as a meme, or archetype. The same way that beer is not directly related to the concept of gratis, but you still use it in the illustrative phrase "free as in beer".

The mailing list is provided by Google Groups

Help! Help! I’m being forced to use non free proprietary software!

Can just have both.

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