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BTW does Kindle let you load your own DRM-free ebook files instead of buying books on Amazon? I use a PocketBook (pocketbook-int.com) which emulates a mass storage device and lets me read everything. I once considered buying a Kindle but heard it won't let me load bare files this way. Is this true?

You can sideload the files via USB, just copy the files over to its internal storage and it will appear on the home screen.

You can also associate a Kindle with an email address, and email files to that address. The file appears as part of your cloud collection.

For sideloading, the books need to be azw3 or mobi. For emailing the book needs to be mobi. In either case epub is not accepted.

Calibre is a great way to manage syncronisation and reformatting to Kindle-supported file types, it even allows you to select your Kindle model to make sure it looks well:



I have had sideloaded files mysteriously disappear from a Paperwhite 3.

My Kindle Paperwhite will read PDF, there are some limits and Mobi displays better but it possible to read a PDF on a Kindle

Very informative. Thanks.

I've forgotten to mention my PocketBook also has a microSD card slot. It came with just 1 GB of internal memory, ⅓ of which is occupied with the OS (Linux) so I've just bought an additional 16 GB microSD card to extend it recently. Now I just plug the card into my laptop SD slot (using a microSD-SD converter that came with the card) and don't even need to use a cable (which never worked well, it often happened that the device would charge but won't establish a connection).

Absolutely. I've been using Kindles for a decade and have never bought any ebooks from Amazon.

The only functionality issue I run in to is that as far as I can tell, Amazon has a feature where if you buy the book from them then they keep your progress synced between your kindle and their phone apps. Can't use that with books from other sources.

I generally upload them to a file-hosting website--0x0.st works well--and download them to the kindle from there. Use calibre to convert them to mobi format if they're pdfs.

Calibre will convert your books for the Kindle, so yes.

I have a Kobo that lets you read even more formats than Kindle, like .cbz for comics.

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