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Are there any plans to support languages beyond English?

Doesn't seem likely: https://standardebooks.org/contribute/accepted-ebooks

> Types of eBooks we don't accept

> ...

> * Non-English-language books. Translations to English are, of course, OK.

I don't see any rationale for it on the mailing list, only a message from Alex Cabal two years ago stating "not at the moment": https://groups.google.com/d/msg/standardebooks/JdVpCm3ckGg/i...

Alex explicitly does not want the "Standard Ebooks" name or mailing list used to coordinate similar projects elsewhere (including other primarily English-language nations), due to copyright issues: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/standardebooks/qRDTb-hHMxk/z...

Nor is Alex aware of any other similar projects: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/standardebooks/ikg07cqkABY/Q...

It looks like they’ve decided not to publish any non-English books [1]. It’s a pity – I much prefer reading books in their original language if I’m able to understand it, and I was even considering contributing some German books to their collection. Maybe it would complicate the publishing process a bit though since different languages have different practices for things like punctuation.

[1]: https://standardebooks.org/contribute/accepted-ebooks

> I much prefer reading books in their original language if I’m able to understand it

Absolutely. To the extent that I have trouble focusing on texts I know to be translations, unless there are inescapably good reasons for them to be, i.e. they come from a language I have no chance of understanding.

Currently battling to resurrect my highschool German. Getting there, but cursing myself for not starting out with something a wee bit more accessible than Thomas Mann...

The tools are available. Maybe someone would be willing to make a similar project for other languages.

The only one I know of is http://projectoadamastor.org in Portuguese. I can't tell whether it uses the same tooling, but the project generally predates Standard Ebooks.

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