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Ghost Taxis of Japan (2016) (hyakumonogatari.com)
57 points by xrd on Aug 3, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

Old joke: A hitchhiker, looking for a ride late at night, gets into a car that is traveling very slowly. Once in, he realizes the car has no driver! Soon, the car going very slowly up a hill, reaches a graveyard.

At this point, the hitchhiker jumps out of the car and flees in terror. He looks back and sees someone getting into the car. He yells back "Don't get in!! That car is haunted!". The person getting in replies, "It can't be, I've been pushing it uphill for the last hour".

In a not too distant future, when taxis have been replaced by driverless cars these ghosts will cause a real problem. I can imagine being tasked with figuring out why we sometimes lose fares.

"Yep. Another passenger faded into nothing without paying. Resolve as 'ghost passenger.'"

How do you not pay for an Uber right now? Your card has to be valid to be able to get a ride in the first place.

Dont have enough balance. I have a 40e uber bill to pay on my revolut but not enough balance. They keep trying to charge.

Got to have a look into revolut, my bank will charge £40 for not paying a charge and as high as 300% interest if they allow the charge and it puts me past my overdraft.

Eventually they will pass that to a collections agency.

In your position I would just pay.

I assume though that this works at most once per card.

Or alternately, there's no such thing as ghosts, and this isn't a problem that anyone based in reality needs to deal with.

The comment you replied to is talking about fare dodgers, not actual ghosts.

Ah sorry, that was a dumb reply on my part

It's 7th (ghost) month here in Singapore. Same thing happens here. Solution? Organize concerts (getai) for them.


Probably a bit off topic, but here is voice actress Tomoko Kaneda in a "ghost taxi" skit on the Japanese TV show Monitoring[0].


(and yes just in case anyone's wondering, that reaction is completely staged...)

Anyone familiar with urban legends will recognize these themes as almost identical to stories passed down through the generations in the USA for roughly 80 years. Pretty cool to learn they aren’t unique to this area.

There is also a version of the vanishing hitchhiker in the bible, Acts 8:26-39.

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