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I'm really curious why a book (https://standardebooks.org/ebooks/charles-w-chesnutt/the-con...) originally published in the US would need to include this:

"This ebook is only thought to be free of copyright restrictions in the United States. It may still be under copyright in other countries. If you’re not located in the United States, you must check your local laws to verify that the contents of this ebook are free of copyright restrictions in the country you’re located in before downloading or using this ebook."

Can anyone speak to this?

A few countries had copyright terms longer than the US. For example Mexico is life of author + 100 years while US is life + 70 years.

Most of the work is life of the author + 70 years, but the US is anything published in 1924 or later (with a few exceptions, for example if copyright wasn’t renewed in the 60s).

Just because it was first offered for sale in the US doesn't mean the owner cannot apply for copyright in other countries.

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