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I'm not sure how that's fasting.

I don't consider myself as someone who fasts and it is typically 13-14 hours from my supper to my breakfast.

Eat dinner around 6-7PM Eat breakfast around 7:30-8AM

My schedule I would assume is shifted forward from say my grandparents schedule. They would have eaten dinner & breakfast earlier due to differences in work hours 50+ years ago.

If that's fasting it seems like a strange/new definition. But maybe a lot of people are indeed still eating something substantial closer to midnight as they watch TV or something?

I actually spread out my lunch into several smaller meals during the day.

But I also exercise a lot, and I'm not buying lunch like so many engineers I work with. My lunch is 1/4-1/2 the size of a sit down restaurant meal.

The old norm was so much more physical activity than today too.

One of those articles is totally right about kids though. When I was a kid I took a lunch to school and that was the only time I ate. My son is going into first grade and all the day cares he went to and his current school have dedicated snack times, 2-3 extra times eating that are not lunch. The day care that had 3 snack times porked the kids up pretty good.

Per the article, 14h is actually what’s being spoken about: “There are different ways to go about it, but I advise patients to omit either dinner or breakfast, so that they don’t ingest any food for at least 14 hours at a stretch.” This should probably more specifically described as Time Restricted Eating/Feeding, but IF is sort of used as a catch all for this and other eating patterns, so what can you do.

Sadly, due to snacking and the misconception that they should eat as soon as they get up, I suspect that most Americans probably have an eating window that spans 14-16h instead of 8-10h (which has been RCT’d to show a significant difference in hunger and ad libitum food consumption).

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