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I've been doing IF since 2014 and still haven't managed to get much past 24 hours -- partly admittedly for lack of trying -- I can't imagine trying to do an extended fast (more than 24 hours) only a few weeks in. You need more time to work up to it and get familiar with your body's signals and needs.

Wow, that‘s for quite some years. Do you have any book / website (about how to do IF) you can recommend?

Yes, I went a couple years doing a very easy 14:10 fast, which was easy to maintain and is what I credit for stabilizing my blood sugar, which used to crash all the time (especially bonking during bike rides). My body now is fine exercising without having eaten, no problem. That alone is worth it.

Due to other health issues and related sensitivities and metabolic problems I have gotten more serious about it and learning about the science, and thus moved to an 18:6 fasting schedule. I have continued to be very happy with the results and the lifestyle.

The book I'd absolutely recommend is The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung (see an article by him on IF 101 here: https://www.dietdoctor.com/intermittent-fasting). I'd also recommend the Intensive Dietary Management program's various blog posts such as https://idmprogram.com/the-failure-of-the-calorie-theory-of-...

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