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There is an interesting twitter thread [0] that relates to your experience of difficulty eating while in need of enough food for recovery. It is about a treatment using large quantity of eggs (35 per day) for severe burn victims where 7 out of 8 survived.

Also my 2c about breakfast, it is important to have a diet that works for you and I don't think skipping breakfast for me is a mistake simply because I'm not hungry at that time. IMHO forcing yourself to eat for breakfast because you have been told otherwise would be a mistake is the mistake, and listening to your body is more important.

[0] https://twitter.com/mangan150/status/1156697355875307520?s=2...

Agree it is entirely an individual thing.

I’m probably an outlier in that I workout 6 days a week and play hockey 3-4 times weekly.

I typically burn around 800 or so calories on my non-hockey days; when I play hockey I hit 1600-1800 regularly (years of data in case anyone is wondering).

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