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Fasting has a side-benefit of saving lots of time. Less time planning meals. Less time shopping. Less time preparing food. Less time eating. For me, the extra N hours a day I save is very noticeable.

I also notice more easily how food is pushed on us. Food advertising is pervasive. In the city, you cannot even walk 50m without seeing a signboard enticing you to eat something. Everywhere people are eating, carrying food, talking about food. When I am in a more natural setting, thoughts about food come from within. I get hungry, and then I think about eating. If I am not hungry, I do not think much about eating (aside from having basic food security). The desire for food is not broadcast to me.

I did the CRON diet in the early 2000s, and our motto was that we eat to live, rather than living to eat. I don't deliberately restrict calories anymore, but it gave me a unique perspective in a world of celebrity chefs.

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