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Does the exercising during fasting cause you to feel hunger pangs more intensely?

I haven't noticed any. I've been intermittent fasting for about two years with 16 hours no eating 8 hours to eat. Occasionally a 24 hour fast. Usually the most intense hunger pangs occur when I have eaten a lot of carbs the day prior.

I do weight training and running. Usually after a workout I feel like the cravings I do have are more manageable. You do need to be careful though. I wouldn't recommend doing any weight training if you're doing more than a 24 hour fast and if you are weight training while fasting make sure you have a spotter. At least at first.

I personally eat one meal a day typically and exercise fasted because it's a convenient time for me to exercise. After exercise I usually feel almost no hunger, usually much less than before. Hard to say if that ends up with more 5 hours later when it would be close to dinner time, I haven't noticed much difference on days when I skip the gym.

When doing cardio, I feel like I have more energy fasted than if I eat before. That might not be normal, might just be what I'm used to.

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