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Coffee and tea helps me in such cases. Plain, no sugar, no milk. Brushing your teeth can also reduce hunger. Also, try to take it gradually - I don't eat at all on Wednesdays, making a ease-in and an ease-out -the diner the night before and the next day's breakfast in an apple, a carrot or a glass of kefir. Fasting more days in a row take an incredible amount of willpower (one of the reasons why I do it), and also takes a toll on your concentration, physical power.

I used to do it on Saturdays, because then I could reduce my physical activity to an appropriate level - but lately I've been going to festivals, or going out with friends, and it was not doable. Try to find a way where it works well with your schedule. Also, it may be a good idea to be discreet about it, because coworkers, friends and family will pester you.

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