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YAA (Yet another anecdote)

Fasting has changed my life. I put a ton of weight on in B-school (yes not afraid to admit I went to b school on HN) that plus my consulting lifestyle (lack of good quality sleep for days at a time) really started to take a toll on my health (lines and bags under my eyes, poor health and energy levels in general).

My wife is due with our second in august, so I decided to get in shape as a gift to my baby girl. I’m not a gym goer, so fasting looked appealing. There’s so much research around IF, circadian rhythms, effect on anti cancer factors, autophagy, anti Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc, definitely a lot more to motivate people now than before when it was likely for spiritual reasons.

I dropped forty pounds in the last three months, and probably look almost ten years younger, I feel like my body has almost reversed the damage I did to it from school and over work. I was addicted to eating and I’ve broken through that, and now I can just work non stop all day for 12-18 hours as needed, whereas my colleagues are still fixated on six small meals, which I’ve now realized is so disruptive to work and concentration. No more after lunch coma, I haven’t even had to set foot in a gym. I don’t do Omad but will do 48h and 72h fasting, and I feel fine, have not felt a huge drop in muscle that everyone freaks out about. All in all I will keep going with this fasting focused lifestyle, and would definitely recommend anyone who is struggling with this to try it.. first week is toughest, once you break through the addiction, you won’t even think about it.

Don't fool yourself thinking that after few weeks or even months of dieting/fasting you've broken the addiction. That was my mistake the first time I began IF.. after 8 months I decided that eating normally for a few weeks will not change anything.. 10 months later I'm back at my pre-diet weight trying to restart the whole process again.

Great advice, thanks! Yes for me it’s committing to weight myself everyday (at least for the next year or two) and adjusting the fasting protocol if the weight starts to go out of normal range.

On the other hand, I dropped 40 pounds in three months on a calorie-restricted regimen combined with strength training, and kept it off permanently (even years after abandoning the diet and training).

That said, doing this successfully does require a mindset change. It requires a "new normal" at the end of the period.

what’s your fasting schedule, roughly?

Let me preface this by saying this is for weight loss purposes, and not recommended as a generic all purpose diet. That said I started eating one low calorie meal (under 1000 cals) every other day. Once i got used to that I switched to two days fasting and one day eating (again the same under 1000 kcal meal). On days I’m fasting I make sure to consume electrolytes (basically sodium and potassium). Those help out with the general fatigue experienced on pure water fasting (which tends to drain your electrolyte stores). But nothing other than that.

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