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That references this for that mechanism:


Autophagy is not "cleansing and restoring". We need to stop using these wellness-ad terms like "cleansing", "restoring", "toxins" and "detoxification", "building immunity". Please.

The benefit of seeing the word "toxins" is that the alert reader can be reasonably certain that the rest of the article or ad is baloney.

Can you explain what autophagy is and specifically why "cleansing and restoring" are incorrect layman terms to use? I'm curious.

I think if there's any problem with the term "cleansing," it's that too many people have used it in a totally meaningless way, and almost caused the term to drift. This is unfortunate, since it clearly does fit a (more sane) colloquial definition of "cleansing and repairing."

Autophagy translates to self-eating. Cleansing and restoring are incorrect terms because they don't describe the process, but our hopes about its outcome.

How would you describe autophagy in layman's terms?

A controlled self destruction at the cellular level? I'm sure there's many ways to express the concept simply and clearly enough for people to get an idea.

What irks me is the usage of vague but positive terms to indicate what is a neutral, mechanical process. It might have positive impacts in certain circumstances, but if the body were so concerned about "cleansing" and "restoring", it would do it, fasting or not fasting.

Projecting on nature our own intentionality, sense of purpose and good/ bad categories is a pre-scientific attitude.

/rant :)

"Self eat"

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