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Congrats to PG on getting hitched (twitter.com)
228 points by champion on June 1, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 95 comments

I'm sure they took out no more than $20,000 for the first three months of marriage, to see if they can make it work and produce someone who can make something that people want. :D

That should be $15,000: $5000 for each co-founder, and $5000 for the startup.

They managed to weasel an extra $5000 out of YC for their (future) third founder, PG Jr.

too male centric. how about JL Jr./PG Jr.

well, their child is likely to be a boy. statistics show most hackers are male.

Hmm. I think the statistics says "Attractive couples have more female children". (Edit: see the "Engineers Have More Sons, Nurses Have More Daughters: An Evolutionary Psychological Extension of Baron-Cohen's Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism and Its Empirical Implications." and "Beautiful Parents Have More Daughters: A Further Implication of the Generalized Trivers-Willard Hypothesis")

Ok, we might just admit our stereotype that hackers are not that good looking. But for each individual, he/she may be a black swan.

Someone may start to build a model to predict the probability distribution of genders of Leah Culver's children?

My wife and I had a daughter, and while my wife is certainly beautiful, I'm not sure I'd qualify:-)

Your use of "Black Swan" isn't correct though, IMO, because black swan refers to things that are decidedly un bell curve like, and while most hackers probably aren't lookers, it's easy to reason that a few will be.

I agree. it is incorrect. Quantitatively it is the high sigma in Gaussian distribution.

Congrats PG and Jessica!

Yeah, congrats, Paul and Jessica.

Now, I have some questions about my startup, and I also have a few more questions about Arc, because it's been buggy for me lately. And, Hacker News has been really slow, and we really should ban such and such a site from submitting links here. And the quality of Hacker News... blah.... blah... blah...

Oh, wait, you're on your honeymoon... OOOOHhhhhhh, sorry, my bad.

Wow... surprising, I guess I know how it feels to be one of the folks not in the know.

Congrats PG and Jessica! Coincidentally, your two books sit side by side on my shelf (as I'm sure it does for the YC community).

And can I say, Jessica was planning startup school 6 weeks before her wedding! Holy Crap! How did they stay sane!?


... I presume.

Savor this day, my friend. You will never get another opportunity to be as succinctly clever. I am jealous.

you mean envious. semantic nazi strikes again!


Waiting for the "Running a startup with your spouse" essay ;-)


Easy answer: no.

But is he Nick Burns, your company's computer guy?

I always had the thought in the back of my mind that there was something between pg and rtm. pg just speaks exceptionally warmly of rtm, so I considered it a possibility. I am not trying to be insulting or be understood in the wrong way, its just something that came to mind.

But anyway, enough with silly thoughts, congrats to pg and jl!

That's what I feel annoyed about. Because a lot of media studies put friedship between two males under the hidden context of homosexuality. In a lot of old French movies like those by Jean-Pierre Melville's. The male characters always forge some steady friendship that they can sacrifice they own life for the other. But I think those critics are looking at everything wrong.

I had once a male friend from England said he met his male soul mate in Italy, I was confused since he is straight, but later I understand what he said is he met one person that just understand what he thinks and likes in music/arts and theoretical physics

And old Chinese term for this case is "zhi ji" means "someone just understands me".

"pg just speaks exceptionally warmly of rtm, so I considered it a possibility"

Speaking "warmly" of someone's technical skills/intelligence is an indicator of a sexual interest? I don't get it (seriously).

I just did a site search of paulgraham.com for all mentions of rtm, and the "warmest" mention I found was at http://www.paulgraham.com/heroes.html, which does not seem to me (a heterosexual male if that is of any interest) to indicate anything remotely sexual. Positive? Sure. Exceptionally so? I guess I just don't see it.

Maybe you were referring to some verbal communication you witnessed?

I don't know why you took it so personally. Not to mention that pg dedicated a book to him and always speaks extremely highly of him, it is definitely possible. There's nothing wrong with homsexuality and I intended that post as a joke, so relax.

"I don't know why you took it so personally. "

oh I didn't "take it personally". :-)

I am just trying to follow the thought process (which you have explained above ("intended as a joke") . I was wondering whether this tapped into something culturally specific. No insult of any kind intended.

That's really funny... maybe even cute.

:) Congrats to pg and jl!

It's not silly, that would be saying there's something wrong with it and there's not! CA just ruled same-sex marriage legal and it's just as morally valid regardless :)

I meant silly as I put a few facts together with no common evidence, not that there's anything wrong with it.


Now remember to do the laundry, get the groceries, and load the dishwasher. And get that stuff off the floor!

Joking aside, getting married, together with our recent baby is one of the best things I ever did.

Shouldn't that be "sudo make me a sandwich"? ;P

Congratulations, you two! May you have many happy years together.

Congrats! Any pics?

Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!

Good for you two, Paul and Jessica. Congratulations.

Expecting a new essay on how this event change your life :)

Funny how even INT(P) types and such enjoy celebrity gossip, just in a different bubble.

Wow, I had no idea! Best wishes to the newlyweds. Is it Jessica Graham now? JG?

Professional women usually reserves the right to keep their maiden name unchanged. At least I've been seen a lot of women in NYC's financial/media circle who never change their name even after marriage.

I never understand the purpose of name change of women after marriage. The ownership doesn't change lately in first world in 21st century.

Never underestimate the power of tradition.

I'm really happy for Paul and Jessica, but I do find it a bit odd to have the event announced on Hacker News (and even then via Twitter; though not private, Alexis's tweet was probably not intended for general distribution). This is news about a particular (albeit prominent) hacker's private life, not 'hacker news' per se; it doesn't seem general enough to be posted here.

Normally I'd agree. But without PG there'd be no Hacker News, and many of us would like some avenue to wish him well on a very significant occasion. So here's to the newlyweds :) Cheers.

Relax. Let's just treat this as Hacker News's "Sex and the city" moment. All Mr. BIG will like to keep low profile in wedding. Not on page six, valleywag and techcrunch.

All he needs is a registration in court office following a simple diner gathering with all his/her best friends and enjoy what life provides.

It's user generated news. You could have just read the title and continued on.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flamebait

Sometimes we all just need a hero friend.

pg didn't post it here. this is a user generated news site. a user posted it. other users voted it up. that's how it's supposed to work.

Paul and Jessica: best wishes!

Congratulations, Paul!


This explains why he's been inactive on the arclanguage forums.

Congrats! After a marriage things changes a bit. PG and Jessica are involved with YC so, lets hope there is no side effects on YC :)

I'm a little late. But quite honestly, this really is the most beautiful investment yet. Congratulations pg.

If Paul didn't announce this himself on this site, I don't think a secondary source of a Tweet should be on here.

Congratulations you guys! Let us know if you need to syndicate or label wedding photos. ;)

Congratulations. Looking forward to the extra insight this produces in your essays.

Congratulations to you both!

Neat, I share my wedding anniversary (1 year today!) with pg.

Me too, sorta -- we got married this Sunday a year ago, but the date is 2 days off

Congratulation paul. Third startup from pg after viaweb and ycombinator

Congrats Paul and Jessica. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage :D

Congrats and Best Wishes to the both of you!!!!!!

awesome news - congrats folks - so where is the happy couple taking their honeymoon? did anybody else know they where a couple?




Congrats Paul!

Congratulations to PG & JL!!!

That's a great news, congrats ;)

Many happy carriage returns!


Congrats to PG and Jess!!!

Congrats PG!

Best wishes to the both of you.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. PG.

Congratulations PG !

Congratulations PG!

Congratulations :)




Congratulations on launching the biggest startup yet!

Congrats! :-D

Best Wishes!

Congrats PG!

great news, congratulations!

i'm kind of jealous

of pg of course



congrats pg and jessica!

congrats paul!!!

who's the lucky girl?

Congrats PG and RTM!!

Hmm, I guess PG and RTM have been hitched through all their partnerships in business/startup/hacking ventures.

Maybe the best way to get around same sex marriage issues in U.S. is to allow all same sex couples to form small business partnerships? We know all founders are in fact like couples married to each other.

Congratulations, Paul! Way to go!

Now does this mean she owns half of Hacker News? ;)

I think she owned a third to begin with.

I assume YC owns "Hacker News".

YC's partners are pg, rtm, tlb, and jl. I don't know whether they all have an equal share.

I thought YC only had three partners. Sorry, my bad.

So now she owns 2/3? :)

congratulations PG and Jessica! :)

No PG comment. Too busy already?!

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