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The fact that you even claim that this is a problem means that you have no interest in a debate and are just another mindless denier, because even a cursory study of the topic at hand shows that issues of measument calibration are completely unimportant.

Ummm. You said what?

I've been keeping track of data monthly for 30 years, and syncing with government sources of same, and you besmirch yourself.

The fact is: this could well be a crisis. But governments covering data for political reasons does nothing to inspire confidence, regardless of the squealing of pantywaists.

To wit- you don't spend trillions of other people's money on your night terrors

So... do you doubt the data? Do you doubt that the warmest years on record have happened in this past decade? Are you implying that calibration errors actually explain anything when the facts in question are obvious?

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