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Alzheimer’s test predicts onset up to 20 years in advance (theguardian.com)
7 points by pseudolus 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

(op) Absent a cure I am very unsure I would be motivated to get the test. If somebody can show tractable work that can stave off, I might get a test. If there are simple diagnostics which make it plausible I need the test, I would get the test.

but the "what would you do, if you knew" question feels quite real here.

Get an advanced-health-directive is probably where I would go btw, if I got the test, irrespective of a -/+ outcome.

I would definitely want to know so I could make sure those 20 years were spent making sure I felt I lived a full life. When you have a clock ticking, you can't just put things off anymore.

My grandfather died around 70 or so from Alzheimer's, and my friend's dad died a bit earlier. (50s). Both would have done things differently to prepare their family emotionally and financially.

It would certainly be scary to know, but having that information is more useful than not.

If you knew, at least you'd probably spend more time following the research, donate, and try harmless but unproven lifestyle changes to mitigate the risk. And possibly go skydiving, work less (or more) and spend more time with loved ones.

20 years is a long time in modern medicine. Be hopeful.

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