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Agree with the Django Girls tutorial in OP. I ran into them at Pycon and expressed my appreciation for helping me learn Django. Was really exciting stuff.

Does anyone happen to have a good resource for learning GoLang? It's nearly impossible to find good tutorials (outside of the golang site's tutorial) because the name Go is super common and "GoLang" isn't used by everyone.

Not necessarily a collection of beginner tutorials, but for what they're worth, these are some very high quality in-depth articles on pieces of the language:

- https://dave.cheney.net/practical-go

- https://www.ardanlabs.com/all-posts/

If you're looking for more high-level, "get-things-done" stuff, this has been a great resource for getting off the ground:

- https://github.com/astaxie/build-web-application-with-golang

Check out: "Learn Go the Complete Bootcamp" course. It teaches Go step by step with easy to understand animations, and 1000+ exercises: https://www.udemy.com/learn-go-the-complete-bootcamp-course-...

This is my blog: https://blog.learngoprogramming.com

If you're a beginner, Todd McLeod's Golang video course is absolutely fantastic. If you're already familiar with a language or two, you'll probably want to run it at 1.5-2x speed: https://greatercommons.com/learn/golang

He also shares tons of excellent Go resources.

I really like this - https://gobyexample.com/

It's very practical. Simple examples on most aspects of the language / common tasks together with commentary.

I still refer to it quite often when I can't remember how exactly to do something from the top of my head.

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