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Trump to Impose Additional 10% Tariff on Chinese Goods (wsj.com)
47 points by FDSGSG 81 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

At this point I’m fairly certain a trade deal with china won’t happen and we’re just being weaned off our dependency on their manufacturing.

That actually sounds like a not totally unreasonable thing to do. I’m not so certain that’s actually what going on or that it’s being handled the best.

But the US having a large dependency on a totalitarian state that imprisons millions in concentration camps seems like a bad idea. In a way we fed this beast that is modern totalitarian China by opening up trade with it. Expected liberalization that people use to sell trade with such countries (and to admonish sanctions), sadly did not actually follow in this case. The totalitarian state seems as strong as ever and is investing heavily in keeping it that way.

I guess a statement like that might draw a lot of what about X or Y. But at least with some of those other totalitarian states we deal with you can say they’re small, easy to handle both economically and militarily.

How can you say that with the knowledge of our country’s history and continued acceptance of slavery. Hypocritical at best

What do you mean by continued acceptance? If I remember correctly the US was one of the first western countries to abolish slavery.

Also, history vs present are two very different things. Germany has a history of being a nationalist genocidal state, but you wouldn't criticize Angela Merkel for speaking out against antisemitism or nationalism.

Amazing. Like clockwork.

I don't think you even realize how much of what we do/consume is manufactured overseas. Even a vast majority of seafood caught in the US is shipped to China for processing because we don't have the facilities or manpower to handle it.

If anything, it will just shift manufacturing to other Asian countries. Maybe some small % of it comes back to the US. Most will just move to a tariff loophole.

> If anything, it will just shift manufacturing to other Asian countries.

But from a strategic perspective that’s fine, so long as those Asian countries are aligned with the US’ interests in the region. Taiwan and Vietnam, for instance, both have a strong interest in containing Chinese expansionism, so their interests align with America’s.

We have the facilities and the manpower. We also have the capital to build new facilities. I'll gladly pay more (and do) for domestically produced and processed seafood.

So a rate cut and then govt sponsored inflation.. hmm... not sure what to think. We do need China to buy agricultural products though. I like the idea of reducing fentanyl too. China needs to regulate the precursors.

Why do you say that a 10% tariff on Chinese goods is govt sponsored inflation?

Just a thought. Meanwhile the EU will not impose tariffs on chinese goods, some might argue, so Germany can freely access the chinese market. Apparently goods made in eastern europe and sold in germany are lOw quAlITY, but those made in china are not. And while in that part of europe, strict eu regulations have to be followed, in china one can violate human rights and even employ children and therefore underprice east eu manufacturers. Thus, the eu internal market is highly out of balance, and ending up with massive internal migration and political turmoil. No wonder the UK is leaving.

I don't really understand. Are you saying countries leave the EU because they can't ignore human rights and employ child labor to stay competitive?

Countries leave the EU because of Germany's dictatorship. One of it's directives is tolerating chinese abuse of labor.

There is exactly one country trying to leave the EU, the issue is far more complex than "Germany's dictatorship", and no Brexiteer ever said anything about changing the stance towards Chinese labour.

Yeah, no... it is the UK looking for Chinese investments in the wake of Brexit. Example: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3014989/ch...

Nonsense, man. Germany’s done a fantastic job of keeping a liberal centrist - _humanist_ - coalition together in extremely difficult circumstances and under assault from predatory oligarchs from Moscow to London to Kansas.

Does this affect solar cells and the like?

Seems like this is meant to target basically everything not already hit with the previous 25% tariff, so yes it would affect electronics, solar cells, and many other everyday items coming from China.

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