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Location: Seattle

Remote: Strongly preferred

Willing to relocate: Not right now

Programming languages: Python, Rust, C++, some JavaScript and Go

Technologies: Most of Google Cloud platform, Kubernetes, SQL (Postgres, BigQuery), RabbitMQ, PgBouncer, the Django/Celery stack, enough bash to be dangerous, CMake, Appveyor and Travis CI, some Windows COM.

Résumé/CV: https://ahicks.io/files/resume.pdf

Email: ahicks@ahicks.io

I'm an experienced backend software engineer/generalist with experience on every level of the stack. Highlights include designing custom priority queues, writing a microservice monitoring solution, debugging distributed locks, and participating in multiple AWS to Google Cloud migrations. I've been involved with 4 billing systems and wrote two of them. My favorite professional project so far is an incredibly massive Kubernetes-powered media transcoding cluster. I've also got some extensive ops experience.

My experience with lower levels of the stack comes from my personal projects. The most impactful of these was implementing a significant optimization in the Rust compiler which reorders struct and enum fields to reduce the memory footprint of your code. It's much more complicated than it sounds. I've got a write-up on my blog [0] My other sizeable personal project is Libaudioverse [1] a large C++ library for audio synthesis not dissimilar to WebAudio [2]. Highlights include a parallelizing workflow engine and hand-written SIMD optimizations.

I'm looking for a full-time position with either scheduling flexibility or at least part time remote. My favorite technology is Rust, but I'm open to anything.

0: https://ahicks.io/posts/April%202017/rust-struct-field-reord...

1: https://github.com/libaudioverse/libaudioverse

2: When I started, WebAudio was barely on the horizon. Once the spec reached a degree of maturity, I read it and realized I'd built roughly the same thing.

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