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Making a move to embedded programming sounds like a good idea, but I think its definitely possible that after a few years of doing that you will get bored too. You say that you "don't want be stuck writing code to automate business processes for the rest of my life" but will embedded be any better? I don't have much experience with embedded stuff beyond arduinos but I'm sure there is an equivalent complaint in that area like "I don't want to be stuck implementing input/output specifications given to me"? I think the HN / developer crowd emphasises interest and passion in one's work to an unrealistic degree.

My own personal solutions for this dilemma are:

1. Try and make as much money as you can and save so that you might be able to retire early, or at least retire from development and take on a less-well paying but more fulfilling job.

2. Work less (i.e. part time 3-4 days a week) and spend the remaining time volunteering or doing something you find more fulfilling.

3. Work freelance so you at least have a lot of variety in the projects you work on.

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