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I also really like his garlic video: https://jp.foundation/video/garlic-puree

This is easily my favorite food video online. Possibly my favorite video online period. This technique creates a world of possibility since it creates a smooth spreadable raw allium. I recommend it to every novice and intermediate cook I know.

That was nice. I want to learn how to cut vegetables like the chefs do. I cut my fingers often.

Thank you, such a classic. His omelet video is incredible too. Learned his French variety a few years back, took a few tries to perfect but now can open nearly any fridge and make a great meal in 2 minutes https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X1XoCQm5JSQ

> now can open nearly any fridge

You'll get much better results with room temperature eggs. Straight from the fridge they take longer to cook and the bottom layer might be overcooked by the time the top is done.

I like to put them in the microwave first for around 20-30 seconds depending on the number of eggs.

Title/description would be appreciated with link.

I don't know the proper french word for it - but the strings around the chicken always struck me as very complicated but he explains it so well it appears easy.

Personally, what I saw is “how to bind a box with rope or tape without looping all around it a dozen times.” And it's so simple in fact that either I'm a dumbass for never thinking of it, or I possibly did try it and failed miserably.

We actually learned this in Gabriel Chen's Chinese cooking class back in Ann Arbor, among many other things.

Absolute mastery. Thanks for this.

He does have absolute mastery, but it's my favorite tutorial because it is an _excellent tutorial_. I can do 2 chickens in a minute at this point; more, if I don't bone out the legs.

Just as importantly: if you can do this with a chicken, you can do it with a pheasant, a duck, or a goose as well. It works pretty much the same way.

If you eat chicken, I strongly encourage you to try this yourself.

Dave Arnold mentioned this week that Pepin claimed 12 seconds as his personal best; 30 seconds for a non-professional cook seems extremely impressive.

Oh, nice, it's been awhile since I listened, and now I have a reason to.

Pepin is doubtless doing a much better job than I am, and I'm not counting the time to clean up the tenderloins, which is a pain in the ass.

Arnold's in the middle of a move and has to thin out his book collection as a result. As he tries to figure out what to keep he's been bringing in books to talk about in a new segment called "Classics in the field". If you've enjoyed Dave Arnold talking at length about obscure decades-old highly in-depth technical books, well he's doing that every week now.

I'm very happy that he's saved me the trouble of having to read "Pigeons: How to Make Them Pay"

Listened. Worth it. Jackie Peeps! Thank you!

What an amazing video. Thanks for this.

This video gobsmacked me.

Thanks for this


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