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Any written medium is a bad forum for discussion because it completely lacks the wide emotional bandwidth. If the topic is in any way subtle, risky, controversial, etc. you will get more conflict, misunderstanding, etc. in writing than in person, and fallout will be much harder to get away from. That has been the experience of me and many managers I worked with in IT over the years. I would be shocked if you could get anywhere near the results of in-person conversations with written comms. That should only be possible if you are incredibly aligned with everyone in your org (how likely is that?) or you aren't really discussing anything openly (feigned discussions).

All I can tell you is what I've seen as an internal resource, internal manager, consultant, and external vendor over 30 years.

It can and does work. It's not a replacement for meetings (there's no one-size-fits-all in communication), but it is super useful and super effective if used correctly. I'm sorry your job has convinced you otherwise.

What's the median age of people you work with in that mode? (my guess above 35)

It'd be hard to guess, but because we have a lot of younger workers on the front-end of our customers today, I'd guess early 30s.

Nice! I'll think about what you've written. Thank you.

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