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I'm a big proponent of using specific times and dates instead of—or in addition to—words like "tomorrow" and "next week." It makes your email easier to understand if you are looking at it any in your email archives or if you communicate with people in different time zones.

I work for a general contractor which has projects in all time-zones in the United States (Minus Alaska/Hawaii).

We have many 12 hour day shift and 12 hour night shift projects that are running 24/7.

Using the exact date you are referencing, using military time along with timezone has been invaluable.

For example,

"John Doe,

We are moving the security clearance fingerprinting to be held next Friday, August 9th at 14:30 EST"


"Jane Doe,

Just following up on the RFI we submitted yesterday, July 31st at 13:30 EST. Were you able to review?"

This also helps when having to hold people accountable for not responding fast enough when you include timestamps.

This also makes it easier to catch mistakes. If you had said "next Friday, August 8th", maybe you actually meant next Thursday.

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