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I would also add "promote the most important message to the first sentence/paragraph". Rewriting the first example:

  Hello all,
  Please check and revise the priority of Redmine issue (#455) that I have created.
  I noticed that there are many logs for blabla the last few days and I don't think that it is normal. 
  I believe the problem is the updated version of gem blabla.
  Feel free to change its priority in case blabla.

The first sentence in most cases should be what you require the receipient to do. The rest of the email can then be why you want them to do it. This has the beneficial effect that the receipient can immediately tell from the first line how important the email is, how time sensitive it is, and how much time and other resources they have to commit to resolve/reply to the email. Examples:

* Check issue (from the above example)

* Giving you a routine update (no action required from receipient besides reading the email)

* Set a meeting (receipient needs to determine when they are free to discuss the why of the email)

* Give me permission to do X

Generally known as BLUF in my circles - Bottom Line Up Front.

My approach would be to have subject "Check and revise the priority of Redmine issue (#455)". I'd then put an explanation in the body of the email. That puts the task in the inbox, and they can open it if they want to see the details again later.

This has helped me when there are multiple things that have to be done. I now usually send several messages rather than one, with one task per email. In the cases that is not practical, I make it clear in the subject that there are several things to be done, and the body starts with a list of all the tasks.

This is also highly beneficial in cover letters and résumés (keep the most important info at the top).

TL;DR or BLUF line should be mandatory.

Full stop.

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