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Yes, write short.

This is the title of one of the chapters in “Writing without bullshit”, hilariously followed by the first paragraph: “Use fewer words”.

Other tips from the book:

* Edit everything

* Aim for a word count

* Say what you really mean

* Start boldly

* Organize relentlessly

* Prune sections and arguments

* Use bullets or tables

* Use graphics

* Trim connective tissue

* Delete weasel-words and qualifiers

William Strunk would shout to his class:

"Omit needless words! Omit needless words! Omit needless words!"



Umberto Eco would have added ;-):

13. Don't be repetitious; don't repeat the same thing twice; repeating is superfluous (redundancy means the useless explanation of something the reader has already understood).


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