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s/Millennials/Generation Z/ at this point.

Millennials are all in their 30s and older now.

> s/Millennials/Generation Z/ at this point.

I don't think that works either, Gen Z are either really early in their career and only making up a tiny fraction of the industry or not in any career at all yet, it's hardly the demographic IBM needs to appeal to.

As an older millennial my hair is starting to take on a grayish tinge and ageism in the industry is becoming a direct concern, so this can only lower my opinion of IBM.

Ageism in our industry should be a concern to everyone, regardless of the amount of grey hair they have.

We all get old, after all. And more importantly, even if we didn't all get old, it's still wrong to discriminate (we don't all become black over time, but it's still wrong to discriminate in the basis of race).

Not sure the comparison to race is either fitting or appropriate here. Becoming more old undoubtedly has a negative effect on performance/productivity at some point, I don’t think the same can ever be said for becoming more black.

Getting “old” often increases performance and productivity though...

People under 30 are the major demographic in tech.

It really depends on the definition of millennial that is used. I'm in my early 30s but I have a couple friends that are 24/25/26 and personally they align as millennials rather than Gen Z. Very tail end of course but definitely millennial.

Makes me sad that anyone chooses to self identify into marketing buckets like this.

Generational groups aren't exclusively marketing buckets. They're a useful (if rough) description of a set of people within an age group, that's more useful than solely marketing.

We're talking about IBM here. It's "System Z."

There is no evidence of this article mixing that up

No need to copy and paste your canned generation label response just because millennial was mentioned, useful for linkedin clickbait but not really this article

This article just gets a mild chuckle about a company catering to a nearly middle aged experienced workforce because even they find IBM uncool

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