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The reason I brought up the matter of global climate change is that once it was discovered it was a danger, it was also clear that the human race needed to get off ICE's and on to EV's, and do so as quickly as possible.

The problem was the EV's at the time were not remotely up to the job. Where Musk comes in is that, thanks to his brilliant efforts, we are getting there many years earlier than we would have otherwise.

The people who nonetheless are screamingly angry at Musk and Tesla seem to fall mostly into three classes. One is global climate change deniers who think we should stay on fossil fuels forever. The second is shorters who don't care if the world goes to hell, and only want to make money. The third is haters, by which I mean people who are not happy unless they have someone to spend their life hating.

My impression from your comment is that you are in the third class.

I'm tired of a sociopathic CEO who treats his employees and customers like shit, puts the driving public at risk with untested software, flogs unsustainable greenwashing scams, and gets away with blatantly defrauding the investing & taxpaying public time after time (fake solar roof tiles to push through the SCTY buyout, "$420 funding secured," 1 million self-driving robotaxis by 2020, etc) because prosecuting him would cause the price of a particular stock ticker to go down.

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